The Hall of Justice is the six story building located on Jefferson Street between
Sixth and Seventh Streets.  All traffic, misdemeanor, warrant,  bad check, small
claims, eviction and minor civil cases are handled in this building.  Many felony
cases originate here, and are handled in this building in their early stages and
prior to indictment by the Grand Jury.  

Connected to the Hall of Justice by a second floor pedway is the Judicial
Center. This ten story building sits on Jefferson Street, between Seventh and
Eighth Streets.  Felony cases
after indictment, Family Court and Divorce
Cases, and all but the most minor Civil cases are handled in this building.

The Jefferson County Jail sits directly behind (south) of the Hall of Justice on
Liberty Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets.

The Court Archives, the Law Library, and the Commonwealth Attorneys Office
are located in the "Old Jail" building, at the corner of Sixth and Liberty Streets,
directly east of the new jail.
The Hall of Justice consists of five floors and a basement.  The basement
contains the "Monitoring Center" which one reports to when he or she is
required to attend alcohol, anger control, drug or other court-ordered classes
and programs. This Monitoring Center tracks compliance with these programs
and reports to the Court in the event of non-compliance.  A bench warrant will
generally be issued in such an event.

The Home Incarceration Office is also in the basement.

The second floor of the Hall of Justice contains the County Attorney's Office,  
which handles the prosecution of all cases in the Hall of Justice, among other
functions (including the diversion and restitution programs.)  The accounting
office, which is responsible for the return of bail bonds, is also located on this
, as well as the Restitution Office.

The traffic/criminal clerk's office is also located on the first floor of the Hall of
Justice. The expungement office is on the second floor.
Map and Parking Directions
The Judicial Center is a ten story building located at the southwest corner of
Seventh and Jefferson Streets and is connected to the Hall of Justice by
means of a second floor pedway.

This building contains the Circuit Courts, which handle all criminal cases after
indictment, as well as the domestic and family cases and all but the most minor
civil ("lawsuit") cases.  The Family Courts are located on floors four through six,
and the remaining Circuit Courts (which handle everything but divorces and
family matters, including criminal cases) are located on floors six through nine.  
The Kentucky Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are located on the tenth
floor of the Judicial Center.

Specifically, Family Courts 1-3 are located on the fourth floor, 4-7 on the fifth
floor, and 8-10 on the sixth floor.  The Courtroom is usually determined by the
first letter of the woman/mother's last name.  

The remaining Circuit Courts (which handle the criminal and other non-family
Court matters) are located as follows:  Circuit Court Division One is on the sixth
floor, Divisions/Courtrooms 2-5 on the seventh floor, Divisions 6-9 on the eighth
floor, and Divisions 10-13 on the ninth floor.  The Division/Courtroom on these
matters is usually determined by a random draw.

The Circuit Court Clerk's Offices are located in this building.  The Criminal
Court Clerk is located on the third floor, the Civil ("lawsuit") Clerk is located on
the third floor, and the Family Clerk is located on the first floor.

The Jury Pool is located on the second floor of the Judicial Center.
Directions to the Hall of Justice
The Hall of Justice and Judicial Center
The Hall of Justice Courtrooms
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