Below is a list of Court-related agencies which may be able to answer
specific questions regarding criminal and civil cases in Jefferson County,
NOTE: Some of these numbers may be out of date. Sorry.

Courts of Justice Web Page
A comprehensive listing of Court-related telephone numbers, websites and
other general information.  
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Courthouse Location Map and Parking Information
This map also provides parking info. Click here.

Directions to Courthouse  

Criminal and Traffic Court Clerk
Telephone:  595-3060  (Stay on the line until a living person answers the
For questions regarding pending criminal cases, court times and locations, and
bond information regarding a particular inmate. NOTE;  You CAN NOT find out
if an arrest warrant is outstanding against you without personally visiting the
Hall of Justice with a valid drivers license proving you are the person for whom
you seek the information

Felony Criminal Circuit Court Clerk
Telephone:  595-3009
For information regarding felony cases for which the defendant has been
indicted.  This includes Circuit Court dates, times and locations.

Indictment and Circuit Court Docket Information
For information regarding past and present indictments and docket information
for the coming week
click here.   Note: This information may be incomplete and
should not be relied upon in determining if one has, in fact, a necessary court

Telephone:  595-2391  595-3034
For record checks and information regarding closed criminal and civil cases

Juror Information
Helpful information for jurors, including parking information click here

Civil Circuit Court Clerk (non-criminal, non-domestic cases)
Telephone:  595-3007
For information regarding pending lawsuits and all other cases not involving
either criminal or domestic/divorce cases

Family-Domestic-Divorce Circuit Court Clerk
Telephone:  595-4410
For information regarding Family Court issues including divorce cases, custody
and support matters and other questions involving children and families

Juvenile /Non-support Clerk
Telephone:  595-3116
For information regarding non-support cases

Probate clerk
Telephone:  595-4408
For information regarding wills, estates and other post-life matters

Other numbers not listed
This is a fairly comprehensive list of Court and Court-related agency telephone
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Online forms
Various forms, including small claims, that can be downloaded and printed out
by anyone.
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Directions to Hall of Justice
Map and Parking Directions
Other Court-related Agencies
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